Red Mountain Community

The Red Mountain Community

The 99 neighborhoods within the City of Birmingham are organized into communities or Community Advisory Committees (CACs). Each community has an elected president, vice president, and secretary, each of whom has to be an officer in one of the member neighborhood associations. Each president of a CAC is a member of the Citizens Advisory Board which meets once a month at City Hall.

The Red Mountain Community (or Community Advisory Committee) consists of Forest Park/South Avondale, Highland Park, and Redmont Park neighborhood associations.

2016-2018 Officers

President:  Alison Glascock (Highland Park Neighborhood Association);; 205-933-2197
Vice President:  Jay Reed (Redmont Park Neighborhood Association);
Secretary:  Elizabeth Sanfelippo (Highland Park Neighborhood Association);

Elections for CAC officers are held following regularly scheduled neighborhood elections every two years in even-numbered years.

The CAC is responsible for receiving, evaluating and taking appropriate action regarding information about problems, priorities, goals, and objectives received from Neighborhood Associations and other sources and should endeavor to solve those problems that are within its capabilities. If there are problems beyond its capabilities, the CAC has the options which include contacting the Citizens Advisory Board, the Community Development Department, other city departments, the Mayor’s Office, and/or City Council for assistance.