Beautification Committee

Beautification Committee
Chairman: Jim Cooper, 321-4121
Members: Vickie Barnes, Beverly Bell, Alison Glascock, Charles Glascock, and Sharon Nelson

Mission Statement
Recognizing that Highland Park is a unique neighborhood within the limits of the City of Birmingham, because of its location as a vital buffer community between downtown Birmingham and other residential neighborhoods to the east, because of its historical significance as one of the oldest residential communities within the City, and because of its rich heritage, the mission of the Beautification Committee is as follows:

To oversee, preserve and promote the aesthetics of the neighborhood as a whole, to include support of the enhancement and preservation of single-family dwellings and historical multi-family structures,

To preserve and enhance the natural environment of the neighborhood through such activities as street tree planting, removal of graffiti, installation of benches and trash cans, protection from light and noise pollution, screening of dumpsters, etc.;

To develop and implement master plans for Caldwell, Rhodes, and Rushton Parks; and

To protect, maintain and preserve Highland Avenue;

Keeping in mind at all times the unique flavor of Highland Park and its historical heritage.

The Committee as a whole will be responsible for the following areas:

a.  Oversight of general aesthetic appearance of the neighborhood.
b.  Oversight over neighborhood parks.
c.  Oversight of subcommittees.
d.  Tree planting.
e.  Signage.
f.  Lighting.
g.  All official communications with the City regarding beautification issues.

Members of the committee are appointed by the President of the Neighborhood Association.
A maximum of seven (7) members will be appointed to the committee.

Qualifications for Membership

1. Members must demonstrate a commitment to support and uphold the mission, goals, and objectives of the Neighborhood Association.
2. Members must demonstrate a commitment to support, uphold, and promote the mission, goals, and objectives of the Beautification Committee.
3. Members must be available to attend most meetings when called.