Rhodes Park Work Day

Thanks to Tom and Katie Stoddard, Jim Cooper, Charles Glascock, Beth Askew (we benefited from the cancellation of the rain barrel workshop), Michelle Jones (who brought a number of her friends), David Dinehart, Pat Fresk, all from Highland Park, plus two wonderful neighbors from Norwood who came to help. If I have omitted anyone, please let me know.

We had wonderful weather. We managed to clear dozens of black plastic bags full of dirt and gravel and clear off the entire circular walkway around the bowl area in the middle of the park, plus most of the brick patio (apart from the western part where we had a major water leak) in the middle of the park. Thanks to Tom Stoddard for bringing his blower and to Frank and Beverly Mulvihil for lending us two shovels and two brooms although they couldn’t be there in person.

It turns out we didn’t really need the wheelbarrows as there was a miscommunication with the city and instead of bringing us empty containers to put the dirt and gravel in, they brought us containers full of mulch! So we went to Plan B, put the dirt and gravel into the plastic bags, which the city will now have to come and pick up!

For those of you who have never participated in a neighborhood workday, it is actually fun, particularly when you are working alongside with your neighbors to improve the place where you live. We will need more frequent maintenance days to keep the park looking good. I consider it almost a rite of passage to help out in this way, at least once!

So again many thanks to all you who worked like Trojans yesterday and who even uncovered a stone walkway we didn’t even know was there!