Building Permits, Design Review, Zoning

All properties located within the Highland Park Local Historic District are subject to design review guidelines if any work is done on the outside of properties that can be seen from the street. Design Review is required for all new construction, renovation, repair, and remodel projects affecting the exterior of any structure in Highland Park. This includes window and door replacement, repairing or replacing rotten wood, etc. All work that requires a building permit is subject to possible design review. Please contact the city if you plan to do any work on your house to find out if you will need to go through review by the Highland Park Local Historic Advisory Committee.  Please use this link for more details.

Contact Karla Calvert at 205-254-2719 or

To apply for a building permit, call 205-254-2224 or go to the permits desk at City Hall. Do not do any work on your home without inquiring as to whether you need a building permit or not. You may need to go through Design Review with the City and review with the Local Historic Advisory Committee of the Neighborhood Association and/or the Zoning and Planning Committee of the Neighborhood Association or the city.

Here are some helpful documents:
Design Review Local Historic Advisory Committee Info.

Design Review Manual

HPNA Historic Preservation Design Guidelines

Highland Park Neighborhood Form Based Overlay District regulations from Municode

Birmingham Zoning Ordinance