General Information

General Information:

City of Birmingham 

Birmingham Police Department – South Precinct: 205-254-2793 or 205-328-9311

311 Call Center:

Call 311 from within the city limits, or 205-254-2489 (205-254-CITY), or E-mail

  • Report overgrown lots and dead animals
  • Report a pothole or street light that needs to be repaired
  • Report abandoned vehicles
  • Find out about garbage collection
  • Find out how to apply for city licenses and permits
  • And much more.

We recommend you have the following information available:

  • Location: Where is the problem or request located? (Address, intersection, in front of X business, north/south side of street, NE/SE corner, etc.)
  • Description: What exactly is the issue or condition? (as much detail as you can provide)
  • Timeframe: How long has this issue/condition existed or when did you first notice it?
  • Contact information: Tell us your name and email or mailing address if you would like to be updated on the status of your request.

Potholes and Sinkholes:

The Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Department of Planning, Engineering, and Permits (PEP) work together to assess the severity of potholes and sinkholes.  If DPW is not able to repair, PEP engages with an outside contractor for the repairs.  Please report all hazardous road conditions via 311.

Animal Control: 205-591-6522

Building permits:  205-254-2904

Garbage pickup:

Mondays and Thursdays for most of neighborhood (Tuesdays and Fridays – Niazuma Avenue area).
No pickup on holidays. Please do not put out your cans before or on holidays.


Recycling is picked up every Wednesday. Place bins (or paper bags) where your garbage cans are picked up. You may recycle #1 and #2 plastics, aluminum, tin, and all paper. NO glass and NO plastic bags, please.

Large Trash & Brush:

Approximately every 3 weeks, the city picks up large trash and brush/yard debris.  Please bag all leaves before placing them for pickup.
Call 311 for current schedule or check our calendar.
No pickup on holidays.

Birmingham Ordinances

Environmental Code Enforcement: 205-254-2061 (Details here.)

Voting information: 

  • Alabama Votes
  • Board of Registrars, 205-325-5550.
  • Highland Park is in Alabama Senate District 18 & House District 53 & 54. Most of the neighborhood is in House District 53, but a small section to the east (Cliff Road & 34th Street) is in House District 54.
  • City Council District 3
  • School Board District 3

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