Community Advisory Committees & Board, Citizen Participation Plan

Community Advisory Committees (CACs), Community Advisory Board (CAB), Citizen Participation Plan 

The 99 neighborhoods within the City of Birmingham are organized into communities or Community Advisory Committees (CACs). Each community has an elected president, vice president, and secretary, each of whom has to be an officer in one of the member neighborhood associations. Each president of a CAC is a member of the Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) which meets once a month at City Hall.

The Red Mountain Community (or Community Advisory Committee) consists of Forest Park/South Avondale, Highland Park, and Redmont Park neighborhood associations.

Red Mountain Community Advisory Committee

2016-2018 Officers

President:  Alison Glascock (Highland Park Neighborhood Association);; 205-933-2197
Vice President:  Jay Reed (Redmont Park Neighborhood Association);
Secretary:  Elizabeth Sanfelippo (Highland Park Neighborhood Association);

Elections for CAC officers are held following regularly scheduled neighborhood elections every two years in even-numbered years.

The CAC is responsible for receiving, evaluating and taking appropriate action regarding information about problems, priorities, goals, and objectives received from Neighborhood Associations and other sources and should endeavor to solve those problems that are within its capabilities. If there are problems beyond its capabilities, the CAC has the options which include contacting the Citizens Advisory Board, the Community Development Department, other city departments, the Mayor’s Office, and/or City Council for assistance.

Citizens Advisory Board

The Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) is made up of the presidents of the city’s 23 communities or Community Advisory Committees (CACs). It meets monthly in City Council chambers at City Hall on the third Monday of each month (dates may change on occasion) at 7 p.m. in order to achieve increased citizen input and involvement in governmental and community development efforts of the City of Birmingham. The public is welcome to attend.

President – Darrell O’Quinn

Vice President – Jimmie Coleman

Secretary – Adrienne Reynolds

Elections for officers are held every year following the elections for neighborhood officers which are held on even-numbered years and the successful resolution of any appeals following those elections.

Citizen Participation Program

The City of Birmingham established the Citizen Participation Program in 1975 as a means of involving its citizens more directly and continuously in its community development efforts. The Citizen Participation Program is designed to achieve improved communication, understanding, and cooperation between Birmingham citizens and city officials through increased personal contact between City Hall and neighborhoods and communities throughout the City. The whole system of 99 neighborhood associations grew out of this concept.

More specifically, the goals of the program include the following:

  1. To provide a system whereby citizens are elected to represent the geographic areas and the social, ethnic, and economic groups across the city.
    2. To provide for continuing, direct access to the Mayor, the City Council, and other city officials in order to increase citizen input and involvement in community improvement efforts in Birmingham.
    3. To provide citizens with timely and current information concerning:
  2. Public resources
    b. Plans and programs for the utilization of these resources
    c. Other activities and events of importance to citizens.
  3. To provide city officials with timely and current information about citizen feelings concerning:
  4. Community problems, plans and projects and their relative priorities
    b. Self-help community development action being carried out by citizens
    c. Recommendations by the City

More details about the Citizen Participation Program may be found in the Citizen Participation Plan.

Community Resource Representative for Highland Park Neighborhood: Gregory Jones, 287-8191,